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What benefits will you get when you opt for our services?

Services rendered in a professional manner that you can absolutely rely upon. You will be able to spend more time on your core business that actually generates money. Yet another major advantage involves the fact that we provide substitute performance on all our services, which allows you to generate disability tax savings of up to one-third of the cost of the security service provided.

Which security service is most beneficial to you?

We use the following process to determine the most suitable service: First, we listen to your requirements for the service to be rendered, reviewing the measures put in place and specifications of the area to be guarded. On the basis of the information obtained in this way, we present alternative solutions for the service to be provided with a view towards minimising the costs associated with the service.

Can the different types of services be combined?

Yes, as a matter of fact, combining the individual security services may even be very desirable and beneficial. It is a way to reduce the costs of the security services and at the same time increase the level of protection afforded to the guarded site. Outstanding results can be achieved, for example, by combining the mobile security and remote security services.

Are the security services provided all over the Czech Republic?

Yes, we provide our security services throughout the Czech Republic, however, we also cooperate with other security agencies at some locations in the Czech Republic.

Are your employees really qualified and reliable?

The level of our security officers is determined on the basis of the clients' requirements. The nature of the operation permitting, some positions can be filled by workers with physical disabilities. In contrast, other positions are exclusively reserved for physically fit workers with the appropriate background. In addition, our services are provided by workers who have the appropriate skills and are 100% reliable.

What happens if my assets are damaged or stolen during the service?

If any damage occurs to the guarded assets during the provision of the service, our company has a liability insurance policy with insurance coverage up to CZK 10 million. An additional insurance policy with coverage up to CZK 100 million can be taken out at the request of the client. We also offer our customers the possibility to take out specific insurance policies with the required coverage.

Do you provide substitute performance on all services?

Yes, we have been recognised as an employer in the protected labour market and therefore can provide all our clients with a substitute performance in the amount corresponding to the value of the services collected.

How long have you been in the commercial security market and what are your economic results?

We have been in the commercial security market since 2013. Since then, we have grown steadily every year and increased the number of our collaborators. This translates into the excellent financial health of our business. And our performance results attest to that. During our time on the commercial security market, we have provided security services worth over CZK 70 million.