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Remote Security

Remote security is one of the relatively new and modern ways of guarding properties. In this case, our staff will not be present at the guarded facility on a permanent basis; instead, the facility will be guarded by a video surveillance system that continuously monitors the concerned area. Remote security rests on the underlying principle that certain events activate the alarm, which produces a response on the part of the control room operator. If an alarm-activating event occurs, the control room operator plays back and evaluates the camera footage to verify the cause of the alarm-activating event; if they detect a breach of security, they dispatch a response vehicle to the site. At the same time, they report the incident to the Police of the Czech Republic.

As part of the physical security service, we are ready to offer:

  • Security audits
  • Efficient security system design
  • Rental of mobile security systems
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Guaranteed on-site response times

The remote security service can also be combined with physical or mobile security services. One major advantage provided by the system involves savings of security costs. Together, we will set up a remote security service that fully meet your requirements.

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