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Mobile Security

Mobile security offers an effective way to secure and protect your assets. Unlike in physical security, with the mobile security service, the security officer is not permanently present on the guarded premises, but instead only arrives at predetermined times to perform predefined tasks. Mobile security is therefore based on an irregular, yet controlled system of checks, the scope, frequency and times of which are defined based on the security situation of the guarded facility. The aim of mobile security is to eliminate negative factors such as theft and vandalism and to prevent emergencies. The mobile security services can be used for a wide range of guarded sites, from apartment buildings to industrial plants.

The mobile security service includes:

  • Closing and opening buildings
  • Coding and decoding buildings
  • Checking the locking and security of buildings
  • Checking the external condition of buildings
  • Checking internal equipment
  • Checking transport equipment
  • Checking technology equipment
  • Early detection of emergencies
  • Checking the work performed by employees

The undeniable advantage of mobile security involves the cost savings generated in comparison to physical security. We believe mobile security is a modern way to protect your assets.

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