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Shared Security

Similar to remote security, shared security is one of the relatively new and modern ways of guarding premises and establishments. The basic principle underlying the shared security concept involves a single security patrol entrusted with guarding multiple premises or establishments at the same time and responding to alarm-activating events.

Shared security services can, for instance, be used, for a series of smaller establishments located in one shopping centre. In this case, a security officer is permanently deployed on site to oversee public order. If a conflict breaks out, they can be summoned using the SOS button. The security officer will then turn up at the specified location within the specified response time.

Another possible shared security application involves entrusting a single security officer with guarding several sites in one location. In this case, the security officer is equipped with a vehicle to guard the individual sites as per a detailed schedule. If an alarm security and emergency system has been installed, the security officer will respond to alarm-activating events as a priority.

The clear advantage of shared security undoubtedly involves significant cost savings, as the cost of the security service is shared among several entities. Another unquestionable advantage of the concept is related to the fact that the security officer knows the environment very well and is capable of responding quickly to alarm-activating events, given the small number of guarded establishments or sites.

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