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Property Safeguarding

We live in turbulent times.

Today, we are increasingly facing factors that have a potentially negative impact on our property. In terms of commercial security, these include vandalism, theft and burglary. It is therefore clear that many people are rightly concerned about their property and are considering ways to protect it. That is where we at Západočeská bezpečnostní agentura come in to help you find the best possible solution to ensure your assets are protected.

We offer comprehensive security services to our clients. We are committed to ensuring that each of our security solutions designed for a particular property is as effective as possible while respecting the price/performance ratio. In order to achieve the desired standard of security, we provide a full spectrum of security services including reception services, physical security, shared security, mobile security and remote security.

Designing a security service adapted to your specific needs requires an answer to the following questions in particular: what type of facility are we talking about; what are the facility's security arrangements; what mechanical and electronic security installations have been put in place in the facility? Based on the answers to these questions, we will propose a security service that fully meets your needs.

We are also aware that each of the different services offered has its own limits, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it may sometimes be a good idea to combine the specific services to achieve a higher standard of security. For instance, it may be worthwhile to complement physical, mobile or shared security with effective mechanical and electronic security of the premises. Yet another example of a suitable security set-up is a reception service provided during working hours combined with physical or remote security provided outside working hours. Therefore, performance of a specific risk assessment of the concerned facility and assessment of the overall effectiveness of the proposed security set-up are always crucial.

While the current climate may be full of opportunities, they are also characterised by a variety of negative factors. Make sure to secure your facility against them and do not underestimate the protection of your assets.

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